Hiccup (worstvikingever) wrote,

009 - Phone and Action (I AM SO SORRY FOR THE SPAM, GUYS)

PHONE:[Hiccup has filtered this call from Klaus and Lucrezia, as well as the "usual suspects" and as many of Grady's cronies as he can manage, but since he's not great at this yet, it is NOT FILTERED WELL from Grady's cronies. That is, of course, assuming that anyone's actually taking phone calls at the moment.

Anyway he sounds pretty tense.]

Klaus Wulfenbach can no longer be trusted. He's completely under Lucrezia's control, and she's a crazy sadistic bitch, to put it lightly. Okay, to be fair, he's still in control of his mind and his own thoughts and whatever, but whatever she tells him to do, he has to do it, whether he wants to or not.

And usually it slides firmly into the "not" slot.

So just. Stay away from them.

Okay next. Quinn, I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to kind of take over your forge. I'm not a good fighter, guys, and so as much as I'd like to help out there, I know where I'm useful. I'm useful at that forge, making and fixing weapons for you. Or armor. Or anything else you need. Seriously guys, just come on over, tell me what you want, and I'll do my best to make it for you.

I think... I think that's it for now.

ACTION: [Hiccup has set himself up at the forge and is working intently on... various projects. Swords, shields, axes, spears... he's even managed to get gun schematics from the library and is working on making his own firearms. If your character wants anything made/fixed or even just wants to chat with Hiccup, here's the place to go.

A warning, though. Hiccup is... acting a little differently than normal. He's far more confident, serious, and... intense than normal. Something happened, clearly. But he's not going to talk about it.]
Tags: action, klaus, mayfield, phone, science is cool, taking a level in badass, technogizmo genius, the forge, tinkering
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